The Wonder Cycle – a transpersonal guide to How to Save your Life by Julia Crabtree


"Wonder is retained by wise pondering.” --Ravi Zacharias

What is it about new green growth or a pair of unusual birds spotted in our urban setting that brings us such joy?  What is it that is stirred by that sight, that resonates with the vitality and hope of new life and beauty?

I was considering this and realising that transpersonal moments of wonder like the ones Mark Price described in his blog recently (Seeing the Weeds for the Concrete, 5/3/2012) are things which I now notice, savour and enjoy – but that they were part and parcel of my everyday experience of the world when I was a child.

I am curious as to what it is that happens to us, how is it that we lose that sense of wonder?  It seems that “life” pushes us further and further from that easy sense of connection with all that is around us, “life” being the worries and responsibilities we accumulate as we grow into adulthood – passing exams, earning a living, paying our bills, getting to work, putting food on the table, caring for others… I’m sure we each have things we could add to that list.  And as we miss out on those moments of wonder we lose connection with ourselves, for what the wonder awakens is the resonance with the vitality, beauty, joy and energy that is part of each one of us.

So what does it for you? The beauty of a sunset?  Watching the intense concentration on a baby’s face as he learns to pick something up between finger and thumb?  A piece of music, a painting, a poem? A message or a hug from a good friend?  

Whatever it may be, those moments of wonder are worth holding on to.  One way of doing that is to spend a few minutes at the end of your day (or whenever is good for you!) thinking back over what you may have seen or heard and the feelings that were evoked in you, allowing that sense of connection to yourself to be mapped in your brain.  And that in turn will allow you to be more fully engaged in life, to have more moments of wonder…where might it all end?

Tip for early April :

  • take time at some point in your day to recall any “transpersonal moments” you have experienced.
  • allow yourself to experience once again the feelings those moments evoked at the time.
  • you might want to do a piece of creative work (writing, drawing, singing, dancing, for example) to help anchor those feelings more fully for yourself.

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