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Code of Ethics

1    Introduction

1.1    This Code of Ethics states the core values and the ethical principles underpinning good practice and the maintenance of the highest standards in members’ professional work.  

1.2    The working relationship between a member, client and colleagues is governed ethically.  It is a relationship which is respectful and valuing of each person who is part of it.  Members have the primary responsibility for maintaining the framework of that relationship.

1.3    All members of the Centre must abide by the Ethical Principles in this Code.

2.    Ethical Principles

2.1    Members are concerned for the best interests and welfare of their clients.

2.2    Members avoid doing harm to their clients and colleagues.

2.3    Members work within the limits of their competence, monitor the effectiveness of their work and actively engage in ongoing professional development.

2.4    Members demonstrate integrity, honesty, openness, fairness and objectivity to their clients and colleagues.

2.5    Members recognise and respect diversity and differences between people.  

2.6    Members respect the dignity, worth, uniqueness and the right to autonomy of all individuals.  

2.7    Members honour the trust placed in them by clients and colleagues and preserve the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of their work.