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This code replaces all previous codes of the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology and is subject to revision from time to time by the Centre’s Council of Management.  In revising this Code the Centre is indebted to the codes of BACP, CCPE, COSCA, Karuna, UKAHPP and UKCP.

This code acts as a guide to members and also informs the general public of the principles under which members of the Centre provide their services.  It seeks to provide a framework of understanding within which members and clients are safeguarded and enabled to conduct their work together to the fullest potential.

This document comprises two parts.  

Part 1: Code of Ethics.  
Part 2: Code of Practice.

Throughout both parts the following definitions apply:

a) The term “member” refers to a Professional or Associate Member of the Centre with the responsibility for the provision of counselling or psychotherapy related services via a formal or informal contract, paid or unpaid.  

Such ‘related services’ include the role(s) of counsellor, psychotherapist, trainer, educator, supervisor, researcher, or manager of any of these services.

b) The term “client” is used to refer to any party using, receiving or engaging the member in any of the above services.  The client may be an individual, couple, family, group, organisation or other specifiable social unit.

All members are required to abide by the Centre’s Code of Ethics and Practice.  In the case of a breach of this Code the Centre’s Complaints Procedure may be invoked.